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Beginner Level 3

In this course we will Learn the basics of producing a good tone Feel comfortable with changing strings Play songs using first, second, and third fingers Play Twinkle and all the variations

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Choose your own adventure from our growing repertoire.

Beginner Level 2

In this course, we’ll begin playing with the bow and also using fingers too. Let’s begin!

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

From time to time, your violin will start sounding strange, or it might become completely unplayable. There are usually some quick fixes, but sometimes it will require a trip to the shop for some work. In this course, we’ll walk through some simple fixes to common problems, as well as offer some care and maintenance …

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Before Your Violin Arrives

Congratulations on the purchase of your violin! While we’re busy getting it all set up and shipped to you, your journey to becoming a virtuosic violinist begins now: Even if you already have your instrument and are itching to start playing, we’d encourage you to  start with this course to have a really solid foundation. …

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