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How to Practice

Learning how to practice is quite possibly the most important part in becoming a great violinist. These strategies might not all make sense right now, but incorporating as many of them as you can will give you some tools to solve any challenge.

All Exercises

Étude? Study? Exercise? Tomayto, Tomahto! This is a library of all the exercises we use throughout the course. These are provided here if you’d prefer to “choose your own adventure” or quickly find an exercise.

Beginner Level 4

Let’s work on some more advance techniques necessary to play our next songs.

Beginner Level 3

In this course we will Learn the basics of producing a good tone Feel comfortable with changing strings Play songs using first, second, and third fingers Play Twinkle and all the variations

All Songs

Choose your own adventure from our growing repertoire.

Beginner Level 2

In this course, we’ll begin playing with the bow and also using fingers too. Let’s begin!

Before Your Violin Arrives

Congratulations on the purchase of your violin! While we’re busy getting it all set up and shipped to you, your journey to becoming a virtuosic violinist begins now: Even if you already have your instrument and are itching to start playing, we’d encourage you to  start with this course to have a really solid foundation. …

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