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We draw from the best
methods and pedagogical
resources passed down from
generations before us.
We just deliver it in a fun,
supportive, and
collaborative way that you
can access
anytime, anywhere.​

Topics include:

Michael O'Gieblyn & Pierre Holstein

The violin is a metaphor for lifelong learning:

  • Mistakes are the best teachers
  • Break difficult tasks down into the smallest bite size components
  • If you can play it slowly, then you can play it fast.
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
  • Learn how to hold the instrument without pain.
  • Avoid tension and injury causing mistakes
  • Music is a universal language. Relax- there’s only 8 letters.
  • Reading music is a skill that is transferrable to any instrument or voice type.
  • There’s a creative voice inside you the world wants to hear
  • Find the confidence to share your talents.
  • Overcome your fear and stagefright


  • Our ever growing repertoire of songs has something for everyone.

Humans make a difference

The Masterclass Exchange provides customized feedback based on your playing and sets the Fiddlershop Academy apart from other online programs. To make real progress, you need some guidance from a teacher who can see what you're doing and diagnose problems.
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