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Unlock your full musical potential by becoming a
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As a member, you’ll get personalized help and advice from Michael & Pierre via the Masterclass Exchange. You’ll also gain access to more advanced lessons, accompaniment tracks, and special live events.

What is the Masterclass exchange?

When you submit a video of your progress, we can see exactly what is holding you back and what you need to work on.

We submit a video with what you specifically need to work on, so you don’t keep making the same mistakes.

As part of our belief in “showing your work,” these interactions help our community improve and grow together.


Film yourself

No need to schedule! Just pick up your phone and record a quick video and upload it right from your phone. No editing, no stress.


We respond to your specific needs

We’ll respond with our video to show you how to take your playing to the next level.


Learn from others in the community

You can watch the interaction of other students and teachers to learn from common mistakes. 





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Frequently Asked Questions


Please look over these frequently asked questions before contacting us.

Fiddlershop Academy is intended for students age 18 and older. Minors may still enroll and may need dedicated assistance to make progress.

No user submitted videos from minors will be cataloged in the Masterclass Exchange. There is also currently no chat or messaging system for users.

All courses can be viewed via computer or smartphone under the “All Courses” tab. When you are logged in as a member, you will see the full course list compared to the partial view as a visitor.

All lessons are taught in English at this time, but since music is a universal language, you are welcome to submit videos of your progress without talking. Your instructor will try their best to accomodate.

If that’s the way you want to play, we’ll teach you. All lessons are demonstrated from the “violin in left hand” position.

All the video lessons are streaming videos and require an internet connection. However you can download the sheet music, and backing tracks for offline use and practice.

We accept all major credit and debit cards that are processed via Paypal. We do not accept any other forms of payment at this time. 

We’ve gathered tried and true repertoire, exercises, metaphors, tricks, tips, and secrets from our own experience and hundreds of years of violin pedagogy. 

It’s completely understandable if you don’t feel confident about filming yourself for lessons. 

There are a few options that can make things better:

1) You can omit any identifying information like your name –  You can call yourself “Enigma,” or “Batman” for all we care. You can also wear your mask, or simply crop out your face from the video if you’d like.

Video just conveys much more of the necessary information for us to diagnose what you need. Only audio or emailing us just isn’t that helpful or efficient.

Hearing your own recording is also incredibly helpful for your own progress.

Lastly, we’re an incredibly supportive community, and we’re here to encourage each other. It’s not as scary as it seems.